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Learning new skills and trying out new techniques is challenging! But when you persevere in the face of a challenge, and come out on top, you realize you're stronger and more capable than you ever thought possible!

Realizing this makes you feel more confident. You feel more sure of your ability to handle whatever other challenges life throws your way too. Both kids and adults feel their self-esteem and confidence soar quickly!

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Brenda VanTiem
- 3 months ago
My Son loves this school. The instructors are very patient and kind to all of the students. They are very willing to show a student proper technique and are patient with new learners.

John Caron
- 5 months ago
All instructors are top notch and have a valid interest in working/dedicating equal time to all students of various levels and backgrounds. My only regret? We didn't discover this sooner!

Amanda Libertone
- 4 months ago
Karate America Windsor Commons is an excellent facility. They have many programs throughout the week to accommodate everyones schedule. The instructors are encouraging, motivating and know each student individually. I highly recommend this school to anyone interested in taking up Taekwondo.

Quan Yuan
- 8 months ago
Great school! Best instructors! Our boys had been going to here for three years and move to NC one year ago. They keep missing those fantastic instructors , the commodious training space , the wonderful belt testing system, and those amazing event like kali on the beach, etc. Everything is unbeatable in here! Frankly we really envy these families that can continue or start to enjoy their training at this school! We hope to come back and visit here.

reham ekkawi
- 4 months ago
We absolutely love our karate family, everyone is just amazing.

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